We want to support parents and young people to engage in meaningful career conversations that recognize the uniqueness of each young person’s career journey, while also looking more broadly at careers.

Early career conversations typically begin with children being asked, What do you want to be when you grow up? and variations of the same question continue to be asked as students’ progress through secondary school. The answers to this question typically provoke a very narrow set of responses focused mainly on traditional careers and education choices.

Research shows that parents have the biggest influence on the career choices and decisions young people make. Many of the conversations parents and young people have about career choices focus on straight career paths and traditional careers/education pathways……what is familiar and expected. The world of work is changing at a rapid pace and so too are the career possibilities and education pathways available to young people.

Another important consideration is the rising cost of post-secondary education. Annual tuition rates for 2016-2017 range anywhere from averages of $2800 (college diplomas) - $7700 (4 year university degrees). Financial experts now estimate that the total cost to send a child to college or university is approximately $25,000 a year (*costs will vary depending on program of study, location, co-op option, etc.) The investment parents and students will make into post-secondary education is significant. Investing time and resources into career and education planning in advance to explore all options and gather relevant information needed to make informed decisions is a worthwhile investment.

Do you have a young person in your life that can benefit from professional career and education planning? Contact Be You! Careers to get the conversation started.

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