“People will choose unhappiness over uncertainty” Timothy Ferriss

With so many social media platforms, there’s no shortage of quotes being shared, but this one left a lasting impression on me. In my work as a career educator, I see this conflict often. I myself have experienced it. Feeling anxiety, being paralyzed by the fear of the unknown, stuck in indecision and in many cases, unhappiness. The very definition of certainty involves decision making without risk, and an ideal condition of having all of the information one needs about the outcome of a decision – before the decision is made. What I’ve come to learn in my work as a career educator and coach and through my own career journey is that our careers by nature are full of uncertainty and the journey often requires risk taking and in some cases a big leap of faith to move forward.

We can easily get stuck in our career beliefs and the expectations we place upon ourselves or the expectations placed upon us by others. Getting comfortable with uncertainty and accepting it as a natural part of the career planning process is a topic I often chat with clients about. It’s not an easy conversation but a necessary one. Career development can be uncomfortable and messy, but the discomfort we feel in the process often leads to greater self-awareness, growth and resiliency – all of which are key pieces to moving towards ones career potential and happiness.

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