There is only one you! Your career journey and process of discovery is unique.

At Be You! Careers, we want to change the conversations young people are having about careers. We listen, ask great questions and engage in career conversations that uncover many career possibilities which align with personal interests, skills, competencies, strengths and one’s unique personality, along with discovering the multiple career and education pathways to reach career development goals.

We specialize in career and education planning for students, young adults and individuals considering a return to school or career change.

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Meet Melissa

Over the past 18 years, Melissa has had the privilege of working directly with post-secondary students in roles that support academic and career success. Having worked in both college and university settings, Melissa offers the unique perspective of understanding and appreciating multiple education pathways and what it takes for students to succeed and flourish in both college and university programming. Through a strong commitment to education and lifelong learning, Melissa has pursued many learning and development opportunities that have strengthened her knowledge and capacity as a career educator and coach. As a member of the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) and as a Director for the Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin, Melissa has the opportunity to network with employers to better understand their needs, along with the current labour market trends and issues impacting youth employment. With a strong desire to share what she has learned, along with creating personal and unique strategies which can best support students and young adults to achieve their academic goals and career success, Melissa founded Be You! Careers.

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Our Services

We believe in empowering our clients to make informed decisions about their careers and education choices.

We offer personalized sessions that support career exploration and decision making. To get started, we offer all new clients a 30 minute complimentary session to discuss individual career and education planning needs and the tools available to help identify career options and education pathways, including the Strong Interest Inventory® (SII) and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®).

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Strong Interest Inventory® (SII) Career Assessment

The Strong II is an assessment tool that measures interests in a broad range of occupations, work activities, leisure activities and academic subjects and provides insights into career interests. The Strong compares how your interests are similar to the interests of people successfully employed in specific occupations. As part of careeer exploration, the Strong can help you better understand your work interests and the type of work that might be most satisfying to you. The Strong can also help you discover careers you may not have considered.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)

The MBTI® is an assessment tool that looks at normal differences between people and focuses on: what energizes you, how you take in information, how you make decisions and your general approach to life. As part of career exploration, your MBTI® results can help you better understand your strengths, preferred work and learning styles and ultimately your potential.

  • ~ Brianna G ~
    "When I first met with Melissa, I was lacking direction and she discussed with me the importance of understanding your interests and exploring multiple job possibilities. Melissa helped me gain a deeper understanding of my personality as it relates to my strengths and work preferences. Melissa truly cares about her clients and wants them to meet their full potential. She was a crucial part of my career planning process, as were the assessments I completed with her. Through our many career advising sessions, I discovered a career path that allows me to be true to myself and my passions. I will always appreciate the guidance I received from Melissa, as her expertise helped me get to where I am today."
    ~ Brianna G ~
  • ~ Emma F ~
    "My experience with Melissa as a career advisor was that she is professional and competent; she is highly knowledgeable, offering many practical resources as well as useful general advice. Equally as important, she has the ability to connect with students/clients with ease and operates with a calm and encouraging demeanor. I found her services invaluable during a stressful study period and through the uncertainty of the post-graduation job search process, and she made me feel like she genuinely cared about my outcomes."
    ~ Emma F ~
  • ~ Gail K ~
    "I would like to recommend Melissa because of her enthusiastic and personable approach. Melissa strives to seek information from other fields of training to assist clients with training different from her own. Melissa's greatest strength is her oral and written communication. She has an excellent turn of phrase and states ideas in an inviting friendly way that will be well received by the intended audience. Thank you for your attention to detail and your personalized assistance."
    ~ Gail K ~
  • ~ Rose D ~
    "My transition from high school to post secondary was difficult for me but Melissa walked me throughout the way. She helped me match my personality and interests with my program of choice using her assessments and gave me numerous advice on gathering information about the career paths I am interested in. I am excited about the choices I made and the prospect of a bright future for me and I couldn't have reached this point without you Melissa. Thank you for helping us find our ways!"
    ~ Rose D ~